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Stance – Checking the toes are straight

Hamish Solomons takes us through a drill to check if the toes are straight.

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Shining the Ball

Mike Whitney takes us through the right way to shine the ball for maximum swing.

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The Grip – Finding the Correct Grip

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KEY POINTS Hands together.  V’s pointing down the back of the bat between the splice and the leading edge.

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Batting Stance Part 1

The most important thing about the batter’s stance is that they need to be well balanced. There are several key factors which will assist in giving you this balance, which we will address here in this on-line coaching clinic.

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Knocking in your Bat

KEY POINTS Being patient with the knocking in process. It must not be rushed. Move in steps leading up to match use. eg :

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Chest Guards

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It is a very, very small percentage of the cricket fraternity that wears any form of chest padding. Perhaps even less than 5 %. Chest pads are usually worn by high level cricketers such as Grade or First Class cricketers who are subject to extremely fast and short pitched bowling aimed at the ribs or […]

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Cricket Games

Check out our cricket games!

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Stance in Slips

Have you ever watched slips fielders and wondered why they stand still, waiting for the ball, not moving in with the bowler like the rest of the fielders do?

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Follow Cricket Coach on Twitter

Hi all, I have just setup my twitter account. Follow me @ Keep a lookout for upcoming competitions and discounts! The Keeper

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Australia v South Africa, 18/8/2000

Match Summary One Day International Cricket Colonial Stadium, Melbourne, Australia THE TOSS South Africa won the toss, and decided to bowl first, wanting to have a look at the indoor drop in wicket and how the wicket will play. The Les Burdett pitch has to last for 6 days and house three matches on it, […]

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