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We aim to provide the most information to cricket players and coaches ever provided on how to play cricket, and also how to better understand the game and the tactics of the game. Through tutorials, drills, analysis of first class games and tips from the stars, our users will gain the highest level of content ever provided on the game of cricket.
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Our coaches are all level two or level three accredited coaches with Australian Cricket Board coaching certificates. This level of coaching is rated very highly throughout the cricketing world. Given the recent success of the Australian Cricket Team, there must be something about the way cricket is coached in Australia that gets right to the heart of the game, it’s principles, it’s tactics and it’s intricacies.

Becoming a member of will give you access to a higher level of service, plus also give you the chance to win prizes, as well as special discounts on equipment.

How to use

The content here is designed to begin with the basics of cricket. By this we mean starting with the knowledge that will provide a sound learning base for you to either begin playing cricket, or enhance your existing knowledge. We urge you to read the tutorials on even some of the basic issues such as shoes, or warming up. As the weeks progress,
we will introduce more and more information that will build your knowledge. Content will then move on to cover more specific parts of the game, for example, “Playing the cut shot”, or “How to Bowl an Inswinger”, but these topics are not worth covering if you don’t know how to grip the bat, or build a bowling action.

Even senior players may find there is some information contained here that will assist your understanding of the game and the way it is played. Also, don’t gloss over the information. Make sure you read it carefully, and that you understand it fully. We have tried to break every concept down into it’s basic components so that everybody can have the best chance of understanding why things work the way they do.

There is a great deal of information provided to the free users at Here are some tips on how to get the most out of

  • Read all tutorials

    Even if you are not a coach, read the tutorials that relate to coaching. There may be some information there that will assist you with how to discipline yourself, or some additional training ideas that you can try on your own or with friends. Even if you are a batter and not a bowler, read the bowling tutorials as it may just give you some insight into how the bowler is thinking when they are bowling to you. Read all tutorials on scoring and umpiring. At some stage in your cricketing career, you may have to fulfill either or both of these roles, so begin to gain some understanding of what to do in those situations.

  • Don’t just watch the videos.

    While watching the video footage supplied will assist your understanding of the concepts, we urge all users to read each tutorial at least once. In some cases, you may find that reading a tutorial more than once will help you to understand the content even more.This is so that you can visit the tutorial over and over again, to make certain that you understand it. As the week progresses and you think about what you have read, you may find that you have further questions, so revisit the tutorial and see if you missed something the first time you read it.

  • Never assume you know everything.

    Even some senior players may find information at that answers
    some of their own questions. Also, it may serve to clarify things for them by breaking concepts down into their basic components, therefore helping them to understand what they already knew, a little bit better. By consulting with professional coaches and International players, we have done our best to bring you the most informative site ever on cricket and how to play it

  • Read and watch all drills:

    Even if you are a slips fielder and not a wicket keeper, many of the drills that relate to wicket keeping may relate to your position. The same goes for people that field in the mid field. Taking the ball the same way a wicket keeper does may assist you when trying to get a run out at the stumps.

  • Read the Analysis of a First Class Game:

    The aim of this section is to try and get inside the head of the cricket captains, to try and understand what they are thinking when they are out on the field. By reading this, it will help you understand and deal with different situations when you’re on the field. Probably more for the older junior players or intermediate level players who need to really relate to the tactics as they may be captain of the team. However, this section is still valuable to the younger juniors who may wish to start trying to get a grip on what is actually happening in the middle and why.

  • Practise:

    Remember that no matter how much reading you do or how much you understand
    the concepts that we present to you, it will mean nothing if you can’t put it into practice on the field. Find the time to put into making yourself a great cricketer.

  • Make Cricket Fun:

    Cricket is a fantastic game, and a lot of satisfaction can be gained from it, especially when you can play it well. Enjoy the game, and remember that it is just that – a game – sportsmanship should always be the winner, respect your fellow players, opponents and their abilities, and respect the rules of the game.

Credits:Special thanks to the following people for their advice and support:

  • Mike Whitney – Australian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Gavin Robertson – Australian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Justin Langer – Australian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Ian Healy – Australian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Adam Dale – Australian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Wayne Clark – Head Coach, Western Australian Cricket Association.
  • Neil Tyndal – Head Trainer, Western Australian Cricket Association.
  • Ryan Campbell – Australia A One Day International Representative.
  • Phil Emery – Australian Test Representative.
  • Anil Kumble – Indian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Javagal Srinath – Indian Test and One Day International Representative.
  • Darrell Hair – ICC Panel of Umpires.
  • Graeme Rummans – NSW State Representative Cricketer.
  • Hamish Solomons – Level 2 coach with ACB accreditation, Head Coach,
    Kingsgrove Cricket Academy, Sydney.

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